Longley Road residents rekindle Christmas spirit

Kirklees Written by Almondbury community
Longley Road residents rekindle Christmas spirit

Christmas spirit is alive and well in Almondbury.

After years of Longley Road residents getting together for an evening’s carol singing the tradition had fizzled out.

But on Saturday evening it made a comeback after they came up with a novel solution brought about by the lack of a community Christmas tree.

Veronica Allinson felt it was high time to rekindle the Christmas spirit.

She said “The carol singing was always a high spot in the days before Christmas and I thought bringing it back would add to the already vibrant community spirit along the road.”

The problem was that despite 12 months of pleading, residents along with Kirklees councillor Andrew Cooper failed to persuade Kirklees Council to install a tree to sing under.

So, Veronica’s husband Stephen mounted and dressed a tree on his wheelbarrow so that the tree itself could become part of the carolling and progress down the road with the singers.

Mince pies and mulled wine donated by residents helped warm neighbours and lubricate voices to create a memorable evening and hopefully the reinstatement of a splendid local tradition.

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