“Just receiving our phone call had made her day.”

Leeds Written by Otley Action for Older People

Campaigns like Looking out for our Neighbours really help to remind communities that there are vulnerable people in need of a friendly face. It has encouraged people to offer something really little – like to do their neighbour’s shopping. Even if their neighbour doesn’t need anything, knocking on their door and offering is an act of kindness they appreciate.

We usually run lots of classes each week with bus trips to shops and venues. But now, elderly people are in isolation in their own homes. They can’t attend the Fish and Chip lunches we host each week, so we’ve cancelled them. Instead, we’re offering to deliver their lunch to their homes.

Looking forward to a nice lunch and someone knocking on their door each day to deliver it will make such a difference to elderly people who might not see anyone else. We’re also ringing them up to check in each day.

One women told me that just receiving the phone call made her day.

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