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“People in our community with no family are now being invited round for dinner at their neighbour’s houses”

Leeds Written by Sam Ely, Chief Officer at Middleton Elderly Social Aid

Middleton Elderly Social Aid supported the Looking out for our neighbours campaign earlier this year and we had so many positive responses. We posted about the campaign on our Facebook page and the comments were overwhelming – lots of people agreeing how important it was to look out for people in your own community, and praising the campaign. I know a lot of people in our community look out for their neighbours and it really makes a huge difference. You can form really strong relationships with your neighbours – I know people who have lived next to the same people for 40 years and had a really good relationship with their neighbours. And you can both help each other out, it can work both ways. It can really make a difference, particularly at this time of year when it’s cold and dark, it can be quite isolating and lonely. Little gestures will be appreciated by those who need help. You might start by saying hello, asking how they are, to maybe offering to pick something up for them from the shop.

You won’t know if someone is in need unless you start a conversation. People in our community with no family are now being invited round for dinner at their neighbour’s houses – that’s amazing! I hope that this campaign encourages even more people to look out for people in their community. Middleton Elderly Social Aid is proud to support the campaign – we’ve put up posters and leaflets and we’re posting on social media to spread the message.


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