Young Carers Spreading The Kindness

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Young people at the carers event

Young carers are spreading the kindness

The Kindness Ambassadors were invited to the launch events of the Let’s Cook Young Carers Cookbook. We’d heard how helpful, caring and kind this group of young people were so it made perfect sense to tag along and pick up some tips on how to spread kindness. The events took place across the whole of West Yorkshire and Harrogate and the young people welcomed us in; they shared their stories and even their pizza. Here’s what we found out…

We asked the young carers what kindness meant to them. They said that “When someone is kind to them it makes them happy” they also offered us some amazing words of wisdom: “Kindness is free, it takes nothing to be kind, but we do need to remember to make it a priority” and reminded us that “We can all be kinder”

Young people at the carers event

Here are some example of how the young carers like to spread kindness:


Young child holding the spread the kindness postcard Young child holding the spread the kindness postcard

Our Kindness Ambassadors were blown away by the cookbook, the recipes are suitable for everyone. They’ve all decided to use the cookbook to make a meal for a friend and spread kindness through food. The Let’s Cook: Young Carers Cookbook is available on Issuu or as a PDF.

Cook book alongside the kindness postcards

We want to say a huge thank you to all the young young carers we spoke to and leave you with one final thought that we heard from one of the young carers “Words are so important, being kind with your words makes a big difference to a person’s day and it’s something we can can all do really easily”

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