Open Source Arts are looking out for their work community

Leeds Written by Open Source Arts

Open Source Arts have been doing a great job of looking out for their neighbours this month, whilst running their hub in the community. Their head of operations and programmes, Myra shares what they’ve been up to…

It was a very cold day, and I went to put something in the bin outside. Our neighbours opposite were outside. We had a little chat and they said they had been out there loading the van for a while, and looked pretty chilly. I invited them in for a hot cuppa and a sit down to warm up, and they were very grateful before heading back out to the continue working in the cold!

Recently, we also received a large delivery and needed to move these items from outside into where they were to be situated. We knew our neighbours have a mini fork lift truck, as they use it regularly in their business. They drove it round, and helped us out. We dropped round some chocolate the next day as a token of thanks because it would have been very difficult without them. They were also very happy with this!

We had a heavy object that needed moving, and there was no way we could move it with just with our core team who were in that day. We called our next door neighbours to help โ€“ they nipped round, we lifted together and it was done in 3mins and a lot of laughs!

Lastly, our neighbour very occasionally pops in to use our tin opener, as they don’t have one in their office! Sometimes it’s the small things ๐Ÿ™‚

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