A hesitant neighbour becomes a true friend in Leeds

Leeds Written by local resident, Ged

For the past year, we have been doing shopping for our neighbour, Beryl, who can’t get out of the house now because of her medical condition.

I first introduced myself when she was struggling at the bus stop. She turned down two offers for help with her shopping but the third time, and after getting to know her better, she felt comfortable accepting the offer. Now we do her weekly shop and know her shopping list as well as ours (never forgetting the all important TV Choice mag!)

She is a proud woman and wants to be as independent as possible and now confidently calls us if she needs something and we see her every week to get her shopping list.

At Christmas, Beryl was due to go for an operation so thought she would be in hospital during the festive season. The day before her operation, it was cancelled and postponed.

Not expecting to be at home for Christmas, Beryl’s spirit was low, her house free of festive cheer and her pain increasing as she had come off her medication to have her operation (which she hopes will help her be more mobile).

Although we saw her family had visited from down south just before her operation was due, as neighbours looking out for Beryl, we decided to take festive treats over, spread cheer and check in on her regularly over this lonely time.

It can all start with a simple hello and we can all be the type of neighbour that looks out for someone.

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