“Even if it’s something really small, it can make a big difference.”

Wakefield Written by Vicky, local resident

After I heard about the Looking out for our Neighbours campaign on social media, I delivered lots of leaflets to older people in my community, giving them my phone number and offering to help them with things like picking up food, or walking their dog.

One man in my community recently had a stroke and he can’t take his dog for a walk anymore. He lives on his own and relies on his dog for company. But if he can’t take the dog for a walk, he was faced with giving it up – which would be devastating for him.

So I take the dog for a walk each day, and when I pick and drop off the dog I can say hello to my neighbour too. The campaign has been great at reminding me that there are people in our community who need help, and we can really make a difference to their lives.

Even if it’s something really small like nipping to the shop for someone, it can make a really big difference.

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