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“Having a connection with the people you live near might seem old fashioned but it’s definitely worthwhile.”

Kirklees Written by Anthea, local resident

I’ve always looked out for my neighbours and know what a huge difference it can make to their lives. Lots of people are by themselves and to think of them needing help and having nobody to turn to is upsetting. I’ve got a lot of elderly people living on my street and all it takes is keeping an eye out for them. It might be giving their family a call if I haven’t seen them out for a few days. Or it might be looking in on them if they’ve been ill.

One day I was in my garden and I heard someone shouting ‘help’. It turned out one of my neighbours had had a fall in their back garden. I think more people need to look out for their neighbours. You might have elderly people living on your street who are vulnerable. Just start a conversation, offer to help them with something. It means a lot for them to know that people are looking out for them. It will give them comfort to know someone’s always on the other end of the phone, and that they can ring up if they need you, or knock on your door.

Or offer to help them with something – a lot of elderly people I know struggle to get tasks done because so much needs to be done online nowadays. Offer to help them out with this – it will be such an easy thing to do. And it would be appreciated so much. I’m glad this campaign is encouraging more people to help out their neighbours. Having a connection with the people you live near might seem old fashioned but it’s definitely worthwhile.”

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