“Little things make a huge difference to vulnerable people, and now more so than ever.”

Bradford District Written by Mike Frazer, Secretary of Greengates and Apperley Bridge Community Volunteers

I’ve been involved in my community for many years so I was really pleased to see the Looking Out for Our Neighbours campaign was encouraging more people to do the same. I received the campaign packs and we held a local community event, where we gave them out. The event was about dementia awareness, so the campaign fitted in really well.

I really believe that the campaign laid the groundwork for community spirit. It raised awareness and reminded people how to be a good neighbour, something I think people had forgotten.

So once Coronavirus struck, I think people were better equipped with ideas and information, so they could actually be proactive in helping others. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented community spirit in my area. There are so many people offering to collect shopping for vulnerable people, people who have to self isolate. Volunteers are offering to pick up prescriptions, offering to give someone who can’t go outdoors a call every day.

Little things make a huge difference to vulnerable people, and now more so than ever. Some people might go days on end without seeing another person, and their trip to the shop is their social interaction.

Looking out for someone is so good for morale – theirs, and yours.

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