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Wakefield community pulls together for Christmas

Wakefield Written by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership

I saw a post on a local community Facebook page asking for donations for someone who is starting from scratch in a new home with a young child. They didn’t have very much and weren’t going to have any Christmas presents, decorations or a Christmas dinner. A neighbour was asking whether anyone had any toys in good condition they could donate so that the child had gifts for Christmas day. The response was wonderful and overwhelming with generosity: offers of clothes for them both, toys for the child, gifts for mum, offers of furniture, a Christmas tree and even a turkey crown so they could have a proper Christmas dinner!

It was so heart-warming to see how powerful communities can be when they come together to support each other. The post really resonated with me as I hate to think of someone without a gift on Christmas day and I really feel the magic of Christmas is important for families. I went out and bought some presents so the both have something to open on Christmas morning and they can share the festive spirit. I think that the local community have truly shown the power of ‘Looking out for our Neighbours’ and I hope this means that they can enjoy a wonderful Christmas with many new friends and well-wishers. I am proud to be part of a community that cares so much!

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