“We’re a shop, but we’re also a hub in the community”

Bradford District Written by Sheila, volunteer at East Morton Community Shop

We’re a shop, but we’re also a hub in the community. We offer somewhere to pick up some shopping, and also have a hot drink as well. It’s a meeting point if you live by yourself and feel like some company. We have a lot of elderly people who come in every day for their shopping. It’s good for them to have that social interaction every day with a friendly face. It also means we’re also there if they need us.

For example, if someone who normally pops in every day for their shopping or their newspaper doesn’t turn up, then we will knock on their door and check they are ok. If they can’t carry their shopping, we’re on hand to help with that. A few of our volunteers have been elderly people living on their own, so helping out at the shop has been a way to give them some regular interaction and make connections in the community. We’ve seen them grow in terms of skill and confidence as a result of their volunteering.


It goes to show that just a small gesture or interaction with someone can make a big difference in their life.

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